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Digital marketing tools

Digital marketing is not expensive, but some pieces of your marketing strategy aren’t exactly cost-friendly. We want to suggest some helpful and free resources that digital marketers can use to craft, launch, and manage campaigns. Consider the following list of free digital marketing tools you can use to improve your strategy.

Google analytics

Google Analytics will track the following metrics for your website:

  1. Website traffic
  2. Real time visitors
  3. Traffic sources
  4. Keywords used to reach your pages
  5. Bounce rate
  6. Device usage of your visitors
  7. Most popular pages
  8. Social media engagement
  9. Conversion tracking of your AdWords campaigns

Google Keyword Planner

For devising strategic keyword campaigns for your blog posts, videos and social media posts. With Google’s free Keyword Planner, you can plug in a keyword and get a generated list of related search terms. Additionally, you will also get important search volume statistics.

HOOTSUITE social media management

Hootsuite is an excellent free resource every small business owner who is trying to get their brand out in the public. For a small business, Hootsuite is a free tool that makes it easier to manage and optimize your brand’s social presence.

MAILCHIMP email marketing

If you are marketing for a small business, MailChimp allows you to automate your email messaging and personalize your campaigns. You also get free reports to help you track how your campaigns perform.


Evernote is great for keeping your workflow organized. The Basic plan lets you keep all your ideas, files, and important web pages in one place.


Spelling errors, passive voice, improper comma usage, and the endless struggle over sentence structure will be a thing of the past with this free tool.


Images and visual content is a must for digital marketing. When visual content is combined with your text, people are 65 percent more likely to remember it. Publish a few well-designed infographics about what’s going on in your industry, and influencers may post a backlink to your infographic. Your website visitors will appreciate your content on your website.

Digital marketing in the Charlotte region

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