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Digital marketing in Charlotte, NC

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Digital marketing is the foundation on which companies will build their future. The main question, regardless of company size is; where do you start? Developing the right digital marketing strategy is a common challenge. It is ironic that after the business world has perfected the cold call, today’s consumers not only have more choices, they have the same technology, and can move to make a purchase before some companies are even aware of their existence. By now, most companies have realized how vital digital and mobile channels are for acquiring and retaining customers, yet this knowledge is useless if they do not have an integrated plan to engage their potential customers effectively.

Creating a digital marketing strategy

The most common question is, where to start to draw up an effective digital marketing plan. In old marketing plans, it required hundreds of man-hours and weeks of analysis to put together an accurate (and usually massive) report. The beauty of digital marketing is that your plan does not need to be a huge report, because your strategy can best be summarized in a table that links digital marketing strategies to sales and revenue objectives. A well-designed digital plan can rapidly gain traction.

Do you have an effective plan?

A digital marketing plan without the right strategic approach is commonplace because many companies can get a good start by using digital media such as search, email, or social media marketing. However, in almost every case, many are missing opportunities for better targeting or optimization. Most companies take a “trial and error” approach to digital media, when in reality, the formation of a plan must be just as disciplined as traditional “brick and mortar” marketing. The fact remains that digital marketing requires expert guidance, usually through the expertise of a digital marketing agency, because the approach and nuance can change as fast as technology does.

Digital marketing in the Charlotte region

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