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Social media marketing in Charlotte, NC
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Social media marketing has always needed to be flexible and nimble, and now, more so than ever before. Visualize an earthquake that is shaking a building and not only is the building suffering large cracks, fixtures, furniture, and friendships inside the building are being damaged and broken. The seismic event is forcing us all to rebuild. We are entering our rebuilding project with the perfect storm of demographic changes. Consider the following factors:

  • Tribalism and/or ideology creates deep battle scars that will change with who and how we interact.
  • Social media platforms are de-activating millions of fake and bogus accounts (a good thing)
  • Political commentary has become unavoidable and exhausting
  • Teens are leaving social media platforms mainly because it’s what their parents use
  • Social media platforms across the board are seeing substantial drops in personal updates
  • Users are communicating more in memes and pictures
  • Privacy concerns about data harvesting is causing public distrust of prominent platforms
  • Experts agree that social media in not connecting us in the way that it once did
  • Millions of singles are limiting their social media experience to dating apps
  • Users are concerned about government manipulation

Anyone who has ever used social media, can identify in some way with every assertion above. Name someone who doesn’t have strained relationships with friends and/or family after political opinion posts? The demographics and the perception of social media are changing. It’s important to remember that social media will never go away, it simply is undergoing a transformation process. The question is, is your company flexible enough to remain a true player?

Consider some of the ways in which social media will; or could transform:

  1. A greater focus on relationships

Our stage and screen stars have become influencers as they build their brand on social media networks. Social media has become the “gold rush” for every man and woman as users focus more on personal brand maintenance. Social media will probably begin place the focus back into relationships, increasing the importance of personal posts, photographs and small, intimate connections.

2. Changes in personal posts

Individuals will introduce more diverse posting options. Expect more audio and visual components to create a unique experience and more creative posts. People will be expecting new and interesting ways to share their experience.

3. Privacy becomes a central focus for users

Privacy concerns have been the elephant in the room since the early days of social media. The major players are already promising changes to come, and you can expect future social media platforms to offer greater network and profile privacy.

4. Mobile-friendly platforms

Expect the pendulum to swing to where social media platforms will place greater emphasis that they are more functional on smartphones than they are on a PC. In fact, future platforms will be designed with phones in mind. The future of the internet is mobile.

Preparing for the future

Particularly in the last few years, we have been exposed to what is dysfunctional in social media. Users and developers are both aware that change is necessary. We can only guess for now; and be flexible enough to evolve with the industry.

Social media marketing experts in Charlotte, NC

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